Lale Speaker Buro is an emerging market speaker agency dedicated to the ideal of open market democracy, and taking the practical steps required to get there.
6-7-8 June 2018 / Bosporus Boutique Turkish Growth Conference
Property : Home Design : Fashion - open for ticket sales Jan 2017
Martha Stewart
As you'd expect from America's leading home living guru, a perfectionist who knows exactly what she does and doesn't like. Take it from me she likes to visit Turkey, but doesn't much like the Hail Martha home office touchdown in Fantasy American Football.
Tadashi Yanai
No idea if he's a Rugby fan, after Japan's plucky showing in the 2015 Rugby World Cup, but guess everyone knows now he likes customers at his UNIQLO stores to use the changing rooms for trying on his clothes and nothing else, and who can disagree with that?
Donald Trump
Built his Father's tidy Brooklyn real estate business into a World Wide brand, a pretty decent entry on your CV if you are applying to the American people for the top USA job of POTUS. If he wins the biggest race of them all, hope he'll look after those who encouraged him to run.
The three day format emerging market growth conference with a special emphasis on the role of women in startups, begins June 2018 with property, home design and fashion in Istanbul.
A more informal communication platform, especially moderated panels at big conferences, seminars, presentations, courses, also one on ones at Güneş Group startup hub Speak Easy, and emerging market book tours.
Those who have spoken at a Bosporus Boutique or Speak Easy event gain automatic membership to the 1 Numara speakers club, and 1 Numara promotion to other events as we grow our network.
Lale Speaker Buro is in the process of establishing itself as a new type of dedicated player on the emerging market stage. Not everyone can claim to support open market democracy and the steps needed to get there, and LSB aims to procure the people who can. There is no stereotype in this elite band, everyone loves a campaigner who likes to compete all in in all conditions, win or lose. As things stand, it's a big ask, let's face it, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.